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School is In (Any Campaigns?!)

Back to school

A cool and fun way to start the school year. Way to go La Vach Qui Ri!

Schools already started this year. However, Back to School Campaigns are a little slow this time. But La Vach Qui Ri already started her campaigns.

It’s a light and fun ad that is set in a classroom, with Shadi Alfons; the comedy shows presenter, posing as the classroom teacher with the parents and their children posing as the students. The ad encourages parents and children bonding. It also states the difference between the new generation and the older one through funny reference to the difference between the older generation’s back to school habits and the new habits. For example; the older generation had a plastic bag for their sandwiches, while the new generation has a “lunch box and a lunch bag”! And they go on stating the differences; and in the end they all state that there is only one thing they have in common…. La Vach Qui Ri!

The ad concludes with the point that we all might have our differences, from different times and have different habits. However, having La Vach Qui Ri sandwiches for school could be the only stable factor in the back to school process. The ad pushes the message that La Vach Qui Ri cheese will live forever!

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