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Ghamrawy In The House

The Talk Had Its Own Attributes And Ghamrawy Shared Some Thoughts With The Attendees:

Ghamrawy is a creative copywriter who mixes between the creatives’ craziness and the responsibility towards the idea or the project. It’s the mix between a character that takes in everything around it with that seriousness and produces it with humour, wit and comedy.

We believe that Ghamrawy’s success is due to his point of view towards everything. There is no doubt that anybody’s success begins with his/her character and foundation.

A secret that Ghamrawy revealed in the talk; when he stated the origins of his creative thoughts, that “Ousha’s” story is actually his own.

Ghamrawy’s piece of advice: “Ask a lot of questions when you are making a brief; مش عايزين بعد منعمل العربية منلاقيش الموتور. Do not overload your mind conscious, take the brief and sleep over your idea. After that you will have a lot of great ideas to present from your sub-conscious as it has all your life-long-experiences. Once you find the idea send it to the mind and let the magic begin!

Once you start writing, don’t stop for anything or anyone. Write for yourself and not for anyone!

Always come prepared and create one writing from your creative point of view, and another one from the business’s point of view with a little bit of your creativity.

I will keep repeating this one over and over again; a Copywriter is writing to sell!

I am not concerned much with receiving awards as I am with the content, but it really excites me when a product is out of stock after my ad is viewed.”

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