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What Impresses Mark Waites In A Portfolio !

In an Interview with Mark Waites, Founder & Creative Director, Mother, London; from "Breaking In... Over 100 Advertising Insiders Reveal How To Build A Portfolio That Will Get You Hired" - Interviews By William Burks Spencer. Waites emphasizes on the importance of Creative Thinking in any portfolio:

"WS: What do you look for in a student book? And what impresses you?

MW: Just great thinking. The quality of the thinking has to be fantastic. It has to be great, great solutions. I understand that the person in front of me might not be the finished article, but I have to see something, some base metal, that I know I can work with. Yes, if I’m looking at as art director, I want to see great design – really, really competent and professional and original stuff. And if I’m looking at a writer, I want to see somebody who’s a great writer, but that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that they have that spark.

WS: Do you like to see a long copy campaign in the book?

MW: Not necessarily. I’ve never written one and I don’t expect someone to do something that I’ve never done. But that’s not to say a student shouldn’t show long copy – just make sure it’s great. But it’s not something I’m particularly looking for. Truth be told, if a kid came in here with just a half-hour of the best stand-up [comedy] I’ve ever seen, that’s as good a book as you’re going to get. It’s quality. But the fact that it hasn’t been translated into an advertising campaign is neither here nor there. Because I think I can teach them to write an advertising campaign. To sort of harness their thinking and have it play out in that arena. But I don’t think you can really teach people how to be extremely funny or have a different take on the world. Or just see things differently. That comes from somewhere else."

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