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'Set yourself free.. you are not a tree' .....4 tips to set your creativity free

Updated: Jan 11

Yes... It’s that time of year again;new starts, fresh beginnings, and creative resolutions.

No ... we're not talking about The healthy body and new annual gym membership nor a new bunch of books to read , we're revealing here a new healthy creative brain not a healthy body or a successful " as they say ..lifestyle"

There’s no more perfect time to kick-start your creativity and plan for a new year that’s bursting with productivity and inspiration ; but if that's what you’re craving, the standard resolutions just aren’t going to cut it was always known that you cannot just do the same equation and expect a different results .

So how do you set resolutions by setting free not by sticking to whatever plan here's to actually make you set the creative you free "

Our first resolution for you is " we're all creative " when it comes to what we want; remember yourself when you wanted to get out of a certain trap or problem in life, didn't you watch all the creative ideas and lies hitting you, apparently this is the case in everything we are creative but this creativity preforms when the outcome shines.

So then No one gets creatively motivated to work hard for something they don't really want in the first place. If you're finding your creative side is often silent or your productivity is waning, it may very well be because you’re aiming for the wrong target.

Accordingly, whatever it is that you want professionally, commit to going after that specifically, and you’ll increase your productivity and creative thinking in order to achieve those results; when a goal truly matters to you, you’ll find it’s easier to feel motivated and stay focused. It’s much simpler to keep your eyes on the prize when the prize is something that you actually care about. "Move dude ... you're not a tree"

Subsequently, now you have to prioritize "what matters for you and only you “; Keep in mind, the most important goal to you doesn’t have to be the most important goal to society...briefly, Don't make it hard on yourself and broad for yourself; Briefly; Your society is your industry so if you want measure how important your goal is measure to how important to the industry you're in not more and not less.

Jumping into tip two for unleashing the happy and creative you ....

" Always do more of what makes you happy " , No, this is not the typically clichéd perception of ..." if you love dogs go and adopt a dog " ... Here is for more of what makes the professional you happy, Unfortunately, we’re often taught that work just isn’t fun, that happiness in our career isn’t the most important thing in life.

Wrong; Your happiness should mostly be in anything you invest time and effort in. (What’s the point of being “successful” if you’re miserable while you’re succeeding?)

Not only that, happy people are actually more creative. When you increase your personal happiness, you increase your creativity and you’ll work much harder when your work makes you smile, so now, reflect on what makes you unhappy in your work and resolve it but if you take the time and courage to face up to what’s most wrong in your professional life, you’ll find this upcoming year will be infinitely more satisfying.

The tip number Three watch out carefully what's stealing the life of your tree? ...

' what and who steals your creative energy '... ; Like any other blossoming human attribute creativity is actually an energy, that could be sucked and stolen by the surroundings.

So anything or anyone that makes you feel unproductive and blocked and stuck eventually suck and steal your creative energy so watch out your surrounding well. Figure out what your biggest problems were in the last year that you’ve yet to solve. The problems that kept you from being productive and creative, the problems that made you stressed and snappy and afraid.

Make resolutions to solve those issues so that you aren’t stuck in the same position all over again in the coming months When you cut out the things in your life that stifle your creativity and productivity, you’ll find yourself flourishing .....

Here's number four ... watch out how much exactly you can take and don't take more!

While hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence are all useful traits, they’re useful only in moderation. You may think doing everything (watching every aspect of your business, saying yes to every client, taking the lead on every project) and insisting on doing it perfectly makes you Superman or Wonder Woman.

But actually? It wears you down, runs you dry, and saps any energy for creativity. And is it really productive to fill every second of every day trying to get as much done as possible (and ending up having to rush through tasks instead of actually focusing on them) ?

If you’re finding yourself overworked make a resolution to find a way to do things a little easier this year. Think that again because apparently you’re a human and your abilities and powers are limited to a 'normal human ' and nothing will change that; Figure out what you can let go of, and delegate. Hire someone to write your web content, seek out a social media manager, or hire an assistant to check your email, Don’t take on more projects than you have the time, staff, or energy for, and don’t take on every element of whatever projects you are working on, and remember that stressing yourself over work won't actually make you productive or creative, instead it's only making you dull and busy.

Let go, breathe, and give yourself the space for true creative and productive energy.

Conclusively, Make 2020 Yours

Catch the beginning of a new one and the new chance to start fresh and get a jump on being the person you most want to be and help your creativity to unleash, don’t fall back on the same, overdone, impersonal resolutions that leave you feeling unmotivated and unexcited.

Find out what you really want to accomplish, what makes you happiest, what problems you want to kick out of your life, how to focus on yourself, and how you can embrace every step of your progress.

When you do that, you’ll find yourself full of inspiration, drive, passion, and purpose. And the next year will be one of creativity, happiness, productivity.


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