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When it comes to hiring it's all about the portfolio.

What a great School program! For so long, we’ve been lacking such studies for Advertising or even closer, in Egypt or Middle East, when I say that, I mean studies FOR REAL WORLD, I usually get hit by fresh graduate looking to intern in Leo Burnett, whom I would say, such program will help them a lot to succeed and get a good job.  The idea that the school  is run by experts and pro who already working in the field , will help fresh grads to accomplish a realistic portfolio, not only but an up to date one, as the methods and curriculums applied in the school are really advanced. Reality check “when it comes to hiring it’s all about the portfolio”

And it’s not only about fresh grads, we all in the industry need to have some sort of studies every now and then to develop ourselves and to be in touch with the world out there.

I’m supporting with all my heart, and can’t wait to hire some of the first grads of Cairo Ad School.

Ahmed Hussein

Director, Creative Director

Leo Burnette, Egypt

Watch out posers.

A great place with lovely creative people who are really keen on advancing the communication's sector in Egypt. I believe positive impact is imminent.... watch out posers

Tarek Lasheen

PR Director Ogilvy & Mather

Cairo Ad School is one of those things in life that have the power to change.

They say, “A good story is a short one”, so mine will be brilliant! Few are the ideas that make a difference, and few are the dreams that turn into reality. Cairo Ad School is one of those things in life that have the power to change.


Not only because such a specialized school is extremely needed in a country full of advertising natural born killers, but also cause it has the power to bring like-minded students face to face with real advertising monsters who has creatively contributed to the booming Egyptian advertising scene.

I fully support this brilliant idea, and find all my words falling short to thank Enas Rashwan; CAS Founder. Without your creative stamina and extreme endeavors, none of this would have been realized. Thanks for making us monsters ☺

Mahmoud Eissa

Senior Copy Writer, Ogilvy & Mather, KSA


When I met with CAS team, I liked their passion in supporting young Egyptians who want to step into the Ad industry and don't have the tools. I wish School good luck, and you have our full support

Hishan Kharma

Executive Creative Director Dentsu, Dubai

ex. Fortune Promo 7


Very important for our expertise to have school like CAS

Its a really gréât idéa and very important for our expertise to have school Like Cairo Ad School. I wish you the school a great succès


Pascal Allard


HAVAS World Wide, North Africa

I wish Cairo Ad School had been around before I ventured in advertising.

Advertising is a most exciting career. it's not a robotic desk job. You don't dress up in a suit or even a tie. You don't repeat what you did the day before. Nothing repeats itself in advertising. Everyday you meet new people, work on a new project, if you wish, you could dye your hair orange, pierce your lips, tattoo your forehead. the pay is awesome and best of all, if you do well, your workmates will treat you like a god.


Getting into advertising however, has always been very difficult, unless, you had a worthy PORTFOLIO.

Cairo Ad School is an AWESOME concept. A place where you get tutored by professionals in the industry, and graduate with THE portfolio, and the KNOW-HOW that will open doors to your creative career. Young creative talents are in luck. Cairo Ad School will deliver decades of experience and latest innovation in a hard core advertising curriculum. I wish Cairo Ad School had been around before i ventured in advertising.

Yasser Ghoneim

Creative Director, Publicis, FP7