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The ONLY Institute in the MIDDLE EAST that PROVIDES 

hands-on Programs in ADVERTISING

The INTERNATIONAL Chapter for the global organization    One Club for Creativity   that supports and excellence CREATIVE COMMUNITY globally

Educational purpose
Cairo Ad School Founder, Enas Rashwan

Enas Rashwan

School President



Cairo Ad School education process is about getting hands dirty; to get involved in all parts of a job including the parts that are unpleasant, challenging and stressful to deal with. Learning at CAS is fun! It is also hard because it is simply practical preparation to meet with the real world of advertising.


Experts and monsters of the field know that working in advertising is essentially human. It deals with human needs, wants, dreams and hopes. The world won’t be the same anymore to the students at CAS. Their career and personal perspective will change; they will work by themselves to reach a whole new level of professionalism and inspired brilliance.


Creative Students and Strategist Students at CAS will have Teammates, Mentors, and speakers from the depths of the industry. They will already start inside! They will also grasp a real sense of the job of their dreams during classes that are carefully designed to simulate the work processes and teamwork.


As they learn about themselves through the close interaction with the mentors and other students and through carefully studied reports; they will discover skills they did not know they could possess. They will learn new ways to learn!




President Bio

Enas Rashwan – Founder and President of Cairo Ad School – has been working in the advertising and communications industry for nearly 15 years. Working for mega clients, she won a good number of industry awards of creativity since her studying years in the USA and throughout her career. She leads the vision for CAS, emphasizing the importance of the local advertising industry transformation, product and education innovation, and breakthrough communications. The School serves as the educational partner for a number of advertising agencies, local and world-renowned brands.


Enas completed a Diploma Business of vocational School with Cambridge and a guide for Trade School Leaders in London in 2012. Then she founded Cairo Ad School in 2013 with the idea of creating a vocational school that valued creative advertising and also focused on real-time training to meet the rapid changes taking place in the industry. The School’s programs are created based on current and future market needs to serve all sectors involved in the advertising process. Strategic planning, creative process, commercials directing and production are skills practiced in the educational process of the School.  


Enas is constantly developing the school since its foundation, aiming to transform it from just an educational institute to a place with a strong positive impact on the advertising industry. Cairo Ad School has become an important mark for both clients and agencies in the field.


Rashwan is also serves as President of One Club for Creativity Cairo, the international chapter of the foremost non-profit organization The One Club for creativity, that supports the global Creative and advertising community , Juror in One Show Young ones / ADC, board Advisor of Global Educators Summits and a member of numerous organizations, including TED, TEDx, Global Educators Summits, and Ad Creative Summits in, the UK, and the USA.

Mentors Profile

And Titles at their agencies

Our Mentors are professionals working in the ad field; who sensed that they must give back by to the industry, by teaching and sharing knowledge  with the next generation of ad people. they share their experience through School’s  educational methods and structured curriculums. to prepare creative minds for the real world.
School President
School Instructors
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